Friday, February 20, 2009

unit questions

My Topic for my unit plan is proportions in geometry.

Proportions are used in geometry to show similarity between shapes.

My essential question is: How are proportions connected to our world.
My unit questions are: How is similarity the same and different
How do we use proprtions in the real world
Can you name a job where proprtions are used regularly
My content questions are: Can you solve a proportion
Is perimeter propotional to the sides of two shapes
How can we show two shapes are similar
What is similarity

Monday, February 16, 2009

Reflect on the activities, skills, and approaches addressed in this class thus far in your own personal blog. Consider how the knowledge you have gained so far will impact your teaching and your students’ learning. Record your insights, key learnings, and questions or concerns in your reflection. Remember the overall topics we have addressed are: 21st Century skills, project based learning, good instructional design, addressing standards, and curriculum framing questions. Please have this completed by 3:00 pm Monday.

I believe teaching with projects helps teachers tie many topics together and helps students understand the big picture. I also feel the better job we as teachers do on designing our intruction the more students will get out of what we are teaching them. I feel that each lesson we teach we should make sure we are covering the state and national standards, not just teaching a lesson because it is in the book. We as teachers need to use the books we have to cover the standards and not just cover the books we were given to use in the class. I believe technology is a great resource we have now as teachers to help our students understand the lessons we are teaching. Teachers should present new information with questions that will motivate the students to learn and want to gain more knowlegde on the subject at hand.

I would like to learn more ways to use more technology in my geometry class. The bigest problem I have is fitting all the standards I must cover into the class and also tie in more technology.